Prof. Jiwang Yan

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Keio University, Japan

Bio statement:

Jiwang Yan received his Ph.D. from Tohoku University in 2000 and is currently a professor of mechanical engineering at Keio University, Japan (2012-), leading the Laboratory for Precision Machining and Nano Processing. As adjunct appointments, he has served as a specially appointed professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology (2017-2024) and a Leverhulme visiting professor at the University of Manchester (2018-2019). His research areas include ultraprecision machining, micro/nano manufacturing, laser processing, nanostructures/materials, and manufacturing sustainability. As a principal investigator, he has led more than 20 nationally funded projects and over 70 joint research projects with industry. He has authored/co-authored 300+ peer-reviewed journal papers, given 150+ keynote/invited talks, and received 40+ awards. He is now executive director of the Japan Society of Precision Engineering and chairman of the publication sector. He serves on the board of the Japan Society of Laser Technology and the editorial boards of several international journals including IJMTM, JMPT, and IJEM. He is a member of JSME, JSPE, JSAP, JSAT, ASPE, SME, euspen, and CIRP, and a fellow of ISNM.

Prof. Jin H. Hwang 

Department of Mechanical and Computer-Aided Engineering. Feng Chia University Taichung 40724, Taiwan. Email:

Published over 130 scientific papers in international journals. Presented 120 scientific papers at international conferences worldwide; Authored 9 technical books; Produced over 150 technical reports; Holds 14 patents

Teaching Experience: Chair Professor, Department of Mechanical and Computer-Aided Engineering, Feng Chia University, August 2022 – till date; Distinguished Professor, Department of Mechanical and Computer-Aided Engineering, Feng Chia University, August 2004 -2022 July; Chair Professor, Wu Han Industrial University, China, August 2012 - 1017; Professor, Feng Chia University, August 1996 - August 2004 July; Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical and Computer-Aided Engineering, Feng Chia University, February 1993 - July 1996.

Administration Experience: Vice President, Feng Chia University, August 2016 – 2022 July; Dean, Academic and Industrial Collaboration Affairs, Feng Chia University, August 2015 – 2019 July; Dean, College of Engineering, Feng Chia University, August 2009 - till date; Director, Precision Machine Research Center, Feng Chia University, August 2013 - 2016 July; Founder and Director, Electroacoustic Graduate Program, Feng Chia University, August 2000 - July 2013; Chairman, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Feng Chia University, August 2006 - July 2010.

Research Interests: Research endeavors are sponsored by both industry and government, with a primary focus on advancing the field of modern electro-acoustic transducers, acoustics, and vibration. The major research topics include: Structural Acoustics; Active Noise Cancellation; Electroacoustic Transducer Design; High Fidelity Earphones/Loudspeakers/Microphones; Capacitive/Piezoelectric MEMS Transducers; Sound Quality Evaluation.

Laboratory: Professor Huang's laboratory is equipped with cutting-edge electroacoustic instrumentation, ensuring comprehensive capabilities for research and development. The state-of-the-art equipment includes: B&K systems for loudspeaker, microphone, Bluetooth, earphone, and VoIP measurement; Sound Check measurement system; Klippel QC system; Sound quality evaluation system; LOUDSOFT and computer aided analysis software like ANSYS, COMSOL, and ABAQUS; Anechoic chamber built to ISO 3745 and 7779 standards.

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